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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Shopping for Craft Beers at Uptown Beverage in Rotterdam, New York

Eric drove to Uptown
Beverage on Altamont

Buy your New York State
if you're feeling lucky...

Arizona Teas &
Fruit Drinks

Eric continues his search
for craft beers to share
with friends.

gets around....

It looks like 
everything is
on sale.

Saint Bernardus Beers
are dee-lish!

The selection beers in the
Beer Cave is impressive.

Ommegang Beers are always
a welcome sight.

Uptown Beverage
cold cases go on

The Stella Artois display
includes stemmed glasses
for sale.

The glasses are graceful.  Sometimes I wish we had a house so I could buy nice looking glass glasses.  Alas, life in a motorhome makes this type of purchase impractical.

a shelf.

Wine Coolers &
Hard Lemonade

The beer selections
here go on & on... 

I like Uptown Beverage.  There are lots and lots of beer selections here.  I'm not sure how the store is organized, but it's fun to walk around browsing while Eric does the serious shopping.

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