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Monday, October 23, 2017

Looking for Changes in Jerry's Rotterdam Neighborhood

I found this vacant house
in the fall of 2014.

It wasn't until last year that I found out that there is a name for this empty house, and the others, I walked past in my mother-in-law's neighborhood....  Zombie 

Over the last three years,
it deteriorated....

Now it's being renovated.

The man working on the house told me that the interior is also being remodeled and updated.

The garage will be
torn down.

I watched this house decline
over the last three years...

A whole new roof was
put on in June.

It is now for sale.

At the back of the house
I see some unfinished

There is a small pile
of debris to be

A week & a half ago 
demolition mode.

I think a crew has been working full time since I took the picture.

Today, the siding is off...
It's getting a porch
 roof & an addition.

A very large addition....

The back of the original
house has an extention
on the second floor too.

My guess is that the addition will double the size of the original house.  The fenced patio looks welcoming...

The front of this house
looks good.
It looks like people
are living here.

There was a fire here
about a year & a
half ago.

A small backhoe sits in the back yard near piles of debris.  

I appreciate the effort that goes into restoring abandoned and damaged houses into habitable homes.

Change, and renewal....

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