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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our Troy Farmer's Market Purchase: CORE Vodka from Harvest Spirits Farm Distillery

Our rainy day visit to the Farmers Market was brief....

Eric & I sampled Spirits
from Harvest Spirits Farm
Distillery in Valatie.

Their Spirits are made with
from apples grown at the

Surplus apples are pressed to make Apple Cider, which is fermented to make Hard Cider.  The distillation process produces Spirits.  Some are aged, and some are not, including Vodka.

We Bought CORE Vodka.

Hard Cider is distilled three
times to create this dry,
mild Spirit.

This smooth Vodka is
the 78th bottle from
the 758 bottle batch.

CORE Vodka is great on the rocks.  Next time, I'll add a splash of Cranberry Juice.

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