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Monday, May 15, 2017

Touring Saint Paul's Episcopal Church in Troy, New York

During the late 1800s, the church was refurbished and the Tiffany Company added many features to the church.  Tiffany designer, J.A. Holzer, supervised the execution of the many Tiffany elements at Saint Paul's.

The Baptismal Font, at the back 
of the church, sits beneath 
intricately carved filigree.

These pews, designed by the
Tiffany Company, were built
by craftsmen in Troy.

Sun shines through
the church's stained
glass windows.

The Tiffany Company innovated

Previously, glass impregnated paint was used to paint images on glass, producing brightly colored, sharply defined religious windows.  Louis Comfort Tiffany, and his artisans, molded and shaped glass and then layered it to create stained glass windows.  Religious figures look more life like.  Light pouring through these windows becomes opalescent, ethereal.

Looking at the altar from
the back of the church.

The altar from the middle
of the church. 

This fan-like device
projects the priest's
voice to the back
of the church.

It was designed by the Tiffany Company.

The Tiffany Lamp near
the altar.

A close up of the stained
glass windows behind 
the altar.

The blurry image at the top of the windows is "The Celestial City."  It is believed that heaven, "The Celestial City ," cannot be seen clearly by mortals.

The stenciling on the
decorative organ pipes
was designed by the
Tiffany Company.

Looking a the back of
the church.

Fortunately, Saint Paul's Episcopal Church is open for tours on Saturday morning, Troy Night Out, Tiffany Tours and the Troy Victorian Stroll.  

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