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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery in Silver City, New Mexico

Friends, Dave and Kathy, introduced us to craft beers when we were camping together in Virginia in 2012.  Now Eric and I search for breweries as we travel.

Let's see what Little Toad
Creek Brewery & 
Distillery offers...

Located in the Silver City Historic District, Little Toad Brewery and Distillery is located in the Isaac Cohen Building, built in 1881.

The first floor rooms
provide a series of
different sized rooms.

This upholstered furniture
& coffee table provide an
informal seating area
nest to a front window.

"The Toad" hosts musical

Intimate seating 
for two... 

Comfortable seating
& a compact bar

I wonder if this room is
used for private parties.

The main bar

Beers on Tap...

Egg Nog & Irish Coffee

Beer in Bottles & Cans

I like taking pictures of
beer tap handles.

Each one has a

A new way to look
at beauty...

Little Toad Creek
small batch 
distilled liquors
Eric samples six beers:  Whatever Wheat, Amphibian Amber, Santa Fe Brewing's Nut Brown Ale, Big Ditch Brown Ale, Pendejo Porter, Stinky Dave Stout Nitro.   Pendejo Porter is his favorite.  The Stinky Dave Stout Nitro is very smooth.  It needs to be enjoyed shortly after it is poured, before it "flattens out."

I sipped on a glass of  De La Cruz Cuvee, my first.  It was delicious... Fruity and smooth....

"The Toad" has an extensive lunch menu.  Several rooms filled with diners while Eric and 
I sat at the bar.

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