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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art is generously supported by individuals, foundations and corporations.  All visitors have access to the museum at no charge.  Fees are charged for special exhibitions.

The collections are amazing!  Here are my favorites:

An Ancestor Effigy Post
from Peru
circa 1476-1534 AD

Mask with Seal or Otter Spirit
from the Yukon area of Alaska
19th Century

The Conversion of Saint Paul
by Benjamin Ward
circa 1786

Portrait of George Washington
by Rembrandt Peal
circa 1850

Mahogany, Mother-of Pearl,
Ivory & Tortoiseshell
from Goa, India
circa 1680-1700

This bowl with lid was made to
store ritual items.

It is from Nigeria.
circa 1880-1954

Carved panel of red sandstone
from India
18th Century

Conch Shell used in Hindu
& Buddhist rituals

Buddhist Jeweled Plaque
from Nepal made of copper,
coral & jewels
18th - 19th Century

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