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Friday, October 25, 2013

Lunch at Hutchins BBQ in McKinney, Texas

 Tremaine from MCD Innovations
recommended Hutchins BBQ 

Drive Thru for BBQ....

They sell their meats by
the pound!

We took our time reading
the menu.... 

All the choices are good ones.

There's about a dozen sides
to choose from here.

The decor is rustic, with
local photos on the walls.

Yes, an upturned pot is
 used as a lamp shade.

Eric's lunch includes:
A pulled pork sandwich,
pork ribs, broccoli salad &
beans with bacon & jalapenos

I chose the pulled pork
 sandwich with broccoli salad
 & macaroni salad.

The cook brought us samples
of brisket because he heard we
are from New York State.

The marbled pieces are from the
top of the brisket.  

The lean pieces are from the 
bottom of the brisket.

 Hutchins' beef is from Black Angus cows.  The local farm raises the cattle and butchers it on site.  Texas Monthly included Hutchins BBQ in its 2013 List of Top 50 BBQ Joints. Residents of McKinney are so proud!

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