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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The National Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida

Spoiler Alert:  This is an awesome museum that documents Naval Aviation, Marine Deployments, the Home Front during World War II and our Space Program.  If you're in Northwestern Florida, take the time to spend a day here.  The price is right!  There's no fee to get into the National Naval Aviation Museum.  The museum is happy to take donations.  Eric gives the Cubi Bar Cafe a very good review.

Replica of a Curtis A-1 Triad.

I love the area for 
kids play.

Learning is fun!

Navy Seaplane

A model of the USS
George H W Bush

Japanese A6M Intruder

AH-1J Sea Cobra

Blimps protected ships
in the North Atlantic 
during World War II.

Eric inspects a ball turret.

A recreation of the first
moon landing in July 1969.

Skylab Command Module

Glenn Hammond Curtis
 is recognized for his dedication
to aircraft advancement.

Naval art is on display.
Naval Maneuvers by James Dietz
includes biplanes and a zeppelin.

The Blue Angels are
displayed in a place of honor.

Check out the water displacement
in this aircraft carrier photo.

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