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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Medium Duty Truck and Fifth Wheel

Dave and Kathy did a lot of research before they bought their fifth wheel.  They wanted a four season rig with solid steel frame, extra insulation, double paned windows, washer and dryer, lots of storage.  They were shopping for a heavier than average fifth wheel and decided to get a medium duty truck for towing.

Many trailers and fifth wheels on the road are towed by underpowered trucks.  Besides the extra wear and tear on an underpowered truck, there is the concern with stopping the rig in a timely manner.

This Freightliner Medium Duty 
Truck makes medium duty
pickup trucks look puny.

According to the Freightliner website, engine size ranges from 200 to 350 horsepower.  The Gross Vehicle Weight that these trucks can tow is up to 56,000 pounds.  Dave and Kathy have 33,000 GVW.  They know they are towing safely. 

 Dave and Kathy have
spacious living space
with lots of natural

Their three cats
are comfortable here.

The kitchen island provides
extra counter space &

There is storage above &
under the bed, two

Everyone who owns an RV has to be aware of its edges, know its height and length.  Planning how to get around safely takes all of this information into account.

Dave and Kathy look for
campgrounds that accommodate
their truck and fifth wheel. 
Pull through sites are best. 

The truck takes two spaces in a parking lot.  Visiting cities often means walking farther from parking spots.  Dave and Kathy also walk or bike to places they want to visit in areas where they camp. 


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Thank goodness we made the bed!

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