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Monday, June 22, 2020

A Walk & A Hike in Galway, New York

Eric and I walk to the Galway Nature Preserve, about a mile and a half from our campsite in McConchies Heritage Family Acres.

Eric & I pass overgrown fields as
we walk along McConchie Road.

A selfie at the Nature
Preserve sign.

Eric poses for me at the map
of the Preserve.

We will walk the .7 mile Yellow Trail.

We watch out for tree roots.

Eric sits on the bench &

... the pond  for signs of fish
or turtles.

Nothing surfaced during our time watching the pond.

A bridge crosses a 
wet area.

Eric calls the jungle's animals
before swinging away on
a vine.

Small white flowers rise out
of the shaded ground cover.

Nature's artwork is on

A dumpsite was left untouched
to educate visitors about the
common practice of creating
trash piles on old farms.

The stone wall is another reminder
of the Preserve's previous life
as a farm.

Eric on a bridge across a
dry creek bed.

There hasn't been any rain
in several weeks & the
area is drying up.

create a steady walkway.

During Colonial Times this was a common road building method.  Traveling in a wagon or carriage was a bone-jarring experience for drivers and their passengers.

After returning to the trailhead, Eric and I retrace our steps to our campsite at McConchie's Heritage Heritage Acres Campground.  Our round trip is just over four miles.

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