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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lunch at La Mexicana Restaurant & Grocery in Schenectady, New York

Yes...  Our lives revolve around food.  And, it's Mexican Independence Day, the perfect reason to eat Mexican.

 on State Street looks like a
 good choice.

Eric and I checked their menu and it looks good, plus we can bring Hispanic foods home to prepare meals later.

Eric & I take a table away
from the busy lunch

The bar is busy too. 

Coronas & shots of El Jimador 
Tequilla go well with Tortilla
Chips & Salsa.

Feliz Dia De La Indepencia!

Eric ordered Chicken Tacos
& he will share the Chicken
Tamales, served with Lettuce
& Sour Cream with me.

I ordered Steak Tacos.

We were surprised, and delighted to see that the Tacos were made with generous amounts of Cilantro. Its citrus flavor is an unexpected treat.  The Tamales have very generous portions of chicken. Delicioso!

I explore the grocery store,
decorated with Pinatas for
children's parties.

There are many Hispanic
foods to choose from.

Customers buy dried
Chili Peppers, in bulk.

The Wall of Herbs
& Spices

Achiote En Grano (Annatto), Anis Mexicano (Anise) and  Linaza (Flax Seed)  are just a few of the herbs and spices carried here.

America, is a good 
source of protein.

Pacaya is the flower of 
the Date Palm.

Tamara sells preserved
Pejaybe, known as
Peach Palm Fruit.

A Minnie Mouse Pinata
hangs near the
snack food aisle.

Rosquetes Corn Cookies

People who eat a Gluten Free Diet may want to come here and browse the aisles.


Eric bought a dozen Chicken Tamales to take home and freeze.  We agree that Tamale Thursdays will be very delicious.

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