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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Trekonderoga 2017 in Ticonderoga, New York Part III

The Trekonderoga 2017 Saturday Schedule has numerous programs for Trekkers to attend.

Eric went to Klingon Culture with
Commander Ka'-pak sutai T'Krul.

He loved this program... Qalpa'!  Klingon Culture was wildly popular with not enough seats for attendees.  When Commander Ka'-pak sutai T'Krul presents again, he should be given a larger room.

Since sitting in on the Trekyards Presentation last year, I've become interested in Computer Generated Images and how visual effects are created.

Tobias Richter, CGI Artist in
Germany, Skypes his program
on Visual Effects for
 Independent SciFi Projects.

This action scene from
5th Passenger is the
culmination of many
hours of work.

Models of spacecraft are
created with lots of
detail to give the illusion
of large vessels.

CGI Artists carefully plan a
scene to develop perspective
of a shuttlecraft approaching
a large planet with a moon.

protects it during a battle scene

A scene  shows the massive 
scale of dry dock with several 
spacecraft being worked
on at once.

CGI Artists carefully use color
& lie placement to create a
large bay inside a space ship.

Atropa features the
Morinda Spacecraft.

Actors are filmed in front
of a green screen.

CGI Artists fill in the details
to create the scene around
the crew.

CGI Artists create explosions.

This is a combination of an
actual explosion & a CGI

It's massive!

It's 1:00 pm.  Time to leave Ticonderoga High School, find a parking spot near the Set Tour and wait in line for our tour.  On the way out, Eric, Adam and I meet more costumed Star Trek fans.

Original Series & The
pose or me.

(Nicest Klingon I
ever met!)

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