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Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Visit to Schilling Park in Altamont, New York

on the site of the former Dietz
home & Bottling Company.

After the buildings fell into disrepair, they were torn down and the Village of Altamont acquired the land to prevent further commercial development along Maple Avenue.  A tennis court was built here in 1967 and many in the community played on until it too fell into disrepair.  

In 2003, this property was declared a "forever green space."  The tennis court was removed the following year and the park was developed.  It was formally named in 2010 in honor of the Schiller family for their many years of service to the community.  

Walking the park's labyrinth
is a great way to center

I enjoy taking photos
of the flower gardens.

The densely planted
flowers keep
weeds at bay.

A pavilion, with a roof that
reminds me of the train
station, provides shade
for visitors.

A playground welcomes
young visitors.

The aqua tree in the back of
the park focuses the eye
back of the park's property.

A narrow path leads to
the railroad tracks &
Prospect Terrace, beyond.

Village residents use this shortcut to and from their homes.  (Trains have become a rarity in the past twenty or so years.)  Schilling Park is a welcoming link between one remote street and Altamont proper.

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