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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Our Ride North of Yuma, Arizona

Eric and I went for a drive north of Yuma.

The Heritage Center
on the grounds of the US Army
Yuma Proving Ground

The Heritage Center is
closed right now.

A mile or so up the road is the Wahner E. Brooks Historical Exhibit of items tested at the Yuma Proving Ground from World War II to the present.  

There's an assortment of

Most are towed.

This M107 175 MM Howitzer
is self-propelled.

Honest John Rocket

Used in Vietnam

Sergeant York 40MM 
Weapons System
This is an experimental
weapons system.

Used in World War II

M74 Tank
Recovery Vehicle
Used in the Korean War

Used in the Korean War

M728 Combat Engineer
Used in Vietnam, Desert
Storm, Saudi Arabia

Used in Vietnam & Saudi Arabia

Used in Vietnam &
Saudi Arabia

Yuma Proving Grounds has millions of acres for military training.  I can imaging Howitzers being towed to locations, secured and shells fired at targets; armored tank drills, and rocket launches in this vast and lonely terrain.

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