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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Too Crazy Ladies RV Badges and More in Quartzsite, Arizona

Eric & I looked up Too Crazy Ladies
to get hangars for our Escapee
badges, to commemorate our first
visit to  Quartzsite.

We sent away for  Escapee
 badges from Too Crazy Ladies
 about five years ago.

We added the Escapees RVers
Boot Camp hanger in last November.

Too Crazy Ladies is at a new
location - on the northeast 
corner of Route 95 & Kuehn.

Beth & her partner, Latta have
all kinds of bling for RVers...

Escapee magnets, license plate
holders, whimsical pins & tags.

Eric & I brought our badges
with us when we picked up
our new hangers.

Thanks Beth & Latta!

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