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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The School House aka Tortilla Flat Museum

14 local children were
educated in this small
School House.

Plaques have been mounted
to a former student's desk.

In the 1930s children from the Mormon Dam-Canyon Lake area, Horse Mesa Dam and Tortilla Flat were taught by Mrs. Blackburn and later by Mrs. Potter.

The history of Tortilla
Flat lines the wall of
this small museum.

A recreation of the town
is on the shelf below.

This cash register was
recovered after the

The inside mechanism of
 the register was separated
 from its casing.

The Tortilla Flat area
was the backdrop for
the 1949 film, Lust 
For Gold.

The museum includes a
promotional poster for
the movie, Tortilla Flat.

book, the movie was
filmed in Monterey, CA.

The Tortilla Flat Museum has a sense of whimsey...

Phone lines never linked
Tortilla Flat to the rest 
of Arizona.

The Jackalope is a tribute
to those who tell Tall Tales.

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