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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Walkabout With Wheels Blog Just Blew Past 500,000 Page Views!

Good morning everyone!  Thank you for making Walkabout With Wheels one of your blog reads.

Even when you know a milestone is coming, when it arrives, it's still a surprise.  Walkabout With Wheels Blog was started in September, 2012 to keep family and friends current on Eric's and my travels.

Somewhere along the way, people across the United States, and in other countries, started reading. Suddenly, a few hundred hits became a thousand and the reading snowball started rolling downhill.... to half a million, and more.

Eric and I often talk with people who are thinking about downsizing and want to travel before or after retiring.  We encourage people to look at this lifestyle and how it may fit in with their future plans. Many people live and work on the road, with many different types of skills.  People work remotely and run businesses from everywhere, USA.  Some work in the trades.  Others are contract employees in healthcare.

If selling a home and starting a new life in 430 square feet (biggest 5th Wheel), often times less, does not appeal to you, and you still want to travel with an RV, do it.  Whether it's a few weeks or six months at a time, just do it!

For those of you who have never RVed and are curious about this type of travel, consider renting an RV and hitting the road for a weekend or a short vacation.  There are many ways to see the US, Canada and Mexico...  By plane, with hotels; by car or truck, with hotels or a tent;  by RV or by by bike with a tent, just go do it!

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Barb Ducatte said...

I look forward to your blog and many interesting places and things to do!