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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Valdez Museum Annex: The Old Town Valdez Exhibit

This indistinct warehouse holds
the history of Old Town Valdez,
established on a gravel landing
south of the Valdez Glacier.

Our admission to the Valdez Museum
covers this Exhibit too.

The 1964 Earthquake damaged this town site irreparably.  Valdez had been built on gravel that became super saturated when the earth shook.  An underground landslide caused the tsunami that took out the harbor area.  Union Pacific Oil tanks caught fire and more damage was done to the town.

One of the scale models of
Old Town Valdez.

This is the top section of a house
that was moved to the New
Valdez, 4 miles from the
Old Town site.

It was used as a shed & then
donated to the museum.

Eric inspects the re-purposed

The Old Town
Firefighter's Display.

The 1921 Ford Model T
Chemical Fire Truck

Valdez takes pride in its
mining history.

Eric & I read the static
displays on the effects
of the 1964 Earthquake
on Valdez.

Then we watched the half hour long film on the 1964 Earthquake.  Survivors recount that day in vivid detail.  Everyone was deeply affected by the deaths of thirty-two fellow residents on that day.

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