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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dinner at Hogfish Bar & Grill @ Safe Harbour Marina on Stock Island

Just a short walk from
Boyd's Campground is
Safe Harbour Marina
Hogfish Bar & Grill.

Tourists now eat like locals
at this off-beat restaurant.

Everyone is warmly

License Plates are a
major part of
the decor.

The Pool Table

The place is hopping

All Hail Hogfish!

Music starts at 7:00 p.m.

Eric peruses the menu at
our dockside table.

Monique brought our Margaritas and took our food order.

Eric & his Hogfish Tacos.

I ordered Hogfish & Chips.

Our dinners and drinks were muy delisioso!  It's great eating like locals.

Boyd's Campground Office & More... on Stock Island

Boyd's Campground Office
is a long, low building
shaded by Palm Trees.

Registration takes just a few minutes.  Eric was delighted to find out that the Boyd's Campground Post Cards and Bumper Stickers are complimentary.

Find yourself short of cash while visiting the area? Boyd's has an ATM for campers' convenience.

Our campsite has water, sewer and electrical hookups.  We have free Wifi.

Campers prepare for
their Key Largo
adventures here.

Jewelry, Souvenirs,

Tee Shirts & Tropically
themed clothing,
Delicate Collectibles

RV Accessories,
Unbreakable Mugs &
Bottles, more Clothing,
Beach Towels,Sandals,
Beach Bags...

Boyd's Campground
accepts mail for
This service is a time saver for the Campground's guests.

The Rec Room has a
Pool Table, Video
Games & Picnic

Washers, Dryers, Lots of
Counter Space & an
Iron & Ironing Board

Unseen in this picture is the small Lending Library.

A second room with Washers,
Dryers, Counter Space &
Iron with Ironing Board

Boyd's has 21 Washers and Dryers available to campers from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.  Cost: $2.00 per wash and $2.00 per dryer load.

Eric and I feel very cared for and that our business is appreciated.  The Manager told us that their goal is to ensure campers have everything they need; that they enjoy their stay and return to Boyd's year after year.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Walking Around Boyd's Campground on Stock Island

closest campground
to Key West.

Eric & I pull into one of the
two spaces available for
incoming campers.

Registration takes just
a few minutes.

Eric & I settle into
Site 74.

We have a concrete patio and picnic table.  There's enough room to park the Jeep in front of our motorhome.  DirecTV satellite reception is available here.

This section is one street
away from the water.

The campsites are close

This is common in private campgrounds.

Eric looks out at the
water from one of
the access points.

I'm happy to see that his legs have tanned a bit this winter.

 The view to Route US 1.  It's beautiful.

The Pavilion

The counter in the front is
spacious enough to hold
lots of dishes for a
Potluck Dinner.

The blue tent opens up from
a trailer towed by the
yellow motorcycle.

This Class C Motorhome
has a waterfront view.

Tenters have beautiful
waterfront views.

This seasonal camper
is growing a lush

This camper erected a
privacy fence.

The Bath Houses have
outdoor sinks with
counter tops for
campers to wash
their dishes.

The Boat Launch

The Swimming Pool is
open until 10:00 p.m.

Eric and I will be enjoying our stay at Boyd's while we take in the sights in Key West.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Driving South to Stock Island in the Florida Keys

If anyone has checked a map, the question is: Why Stock Island and not Key West?  Stock Island is just north of the southern most Florida Key.  This is like driving to Alaska and not visiting Denali National Park. What's up with that???  You'll find out soon enough....

Eric & I leave Highlands
Hammock State 
Campground at 8:30 am.

Today's drive is 5.5 hours long, without any stops.

Our drive starts out on

131 miles to Miami

A Fire Tower looks out

Gatorama isn't open yet.

Railroad tracks cross
the road in Clewiston.

Eric & I watch a fire burn
& we hope it's a controlled

A truck loaded with sod
passes our motorhome.

Eric fuels up at the
Pilot Travel Plaza
in Medley.

He's wearing the baseball cap we bought in Skagway, Alaska.

Southern Florida is where
ornamental plants & trees
are grown.

The Homestead-Miami
Speedway Water

Our drive continues south

Eric & I get our first glimpse
of the Atlantic Ocean, just
north of Florida's Keys.

Welcome to Key Largo.

Eric & I are now driving south on the roadway that links 43 of the 1,700 limestone islands that make up the Keys.  Many of the islands that make up this archipelago are too small for habitation.

Tavernier Creek Marina
is just one of the numerous
marinas we pass as we
drive south on the Keys.

Access to a fishing pier
just off of US Route 1.

One of the longer bridges
Eric & I drive across.

We are currently 12 feet
above Sea Level.

***Fun Fact:  The highest point on the Florida Keys is Windley Key at 18 feet above Sea Level.

The view of old Seven Mile
 Bridge from the current

A section has been taken
out keep people off the 
northern end of the bridge.

This section of bridge reminds
 me of the one I love to take
photos in Harrisburg, PA.

Larger keys are more
heavily developed.

New construction on

Visit the Dry Tortugas
National Park is one of
the few billboards on
US Route 1 South in
the Keys.

Eric & I arrive at Boyd's 
Campground on Stock
 Island at 3:40 pm.
Boyd's is the closest non-military campground to Key West.  US Navy active duty service members and veterans can camp in a designated area at Key West Naval Station on southernmost Key.

It's time to settle in and enjoy Margaritas after our 6 plus hour drive day.