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Friday, June 13, 2014

Walking Around Downtown Seward, Alaska

The marina has LOTS
of boats.

The Bakery at the Harbor

Murals are displayed all
over Seward.

Chinooks Restaurant is on the
 north end of downtown.

Terry's Gulf of Alaska
Fish & Chips

The Smoke Shack is part of a
series of train cars that
house businesses.

Some visitors arrive in
Seward by train.

Train rides can be booked to Anchorage, Faribanks, Denali Dome etc.

The carved sled dogs advertise

Seward is the home of the
Alaska Culinary Academy.

We watch a marine travel
lift moving a boat
down the road.

The Seward Chamber of
Commerce Visitor 
Information Center.

Seward is in a Tsunami Zone.

A road striping crew is 
hard at work.

We'll stop in later. 

sells candies.

The carved Bear Firefighter
stands guard, day & night.

From Marathon Campground, all of downtown Seward is within an easy walk.

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