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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Driving East to Dawson City, Yukon Territiory

We start our journey east,
toward the tree line.

Traditional Territory.

Eric drives about 20 miles
per hour on this rough 
section of road.

Started as a pack trail out of 
grew in length to connect
 to Chicken, Alaska.

Closed in October each fall,
snow plows open the road
in May every spring.

One of the sections of paved road.

This road is wider than the
one from Chicken to the

There's no cell coverage

Write down the number &
report the fire when you can.

One of the turnoffs has

We pass a fully loaded

Dawson City is 73 kilometers
or 45 miles away.

We are OVER the rainbow.

Blobs of mud obscure
the rear camera lens.

It's slow going, giving me
lots of time to take

We stop at the Welcome
to Dawson City Billboard.

Behind the walls of the shed
are posters with information
on Dawson City.

The sign for Fortymile
Herd has me curious.

I take the trail to the observation
deck with interpretive signs.

Caribou migrate through
this area.

Our first view of
Dawson City.

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