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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Overnighting Above the Tree Line in the Yukon Territory

This is where we will spend the night.

Eric pulls into a turn off about
half a mile from the US/Canada

Today was a VERY dusty drive.

Walking near the motorhome,
I find tiny flowers.

These petite pink flowers
cling to the very short

This dark pink, spiky flower is
the rarest on this mountainside.

There are cairns everywhere.  I'll find a spot and make one too.

My cairn has five stones.

I placed it right in front of
a low growing yew.

Eric adds a rock to the large 
cairn on a nearby ridge.

Our rock is the second
from the top.

I spotted a Fox.

On this entire trip, this is the
first animal I spotted before Eric.

It's midnight & the sun has
yet to set in the west.

We see both ends of
the rainbow.
It's now 12:30 am.

The sun is below the horizon
at 1:14 am.

It's time to go to bed.

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