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Friday, June 27, 2014

Driving North to Chicken, Alaska

After leaving Tok, Eric
turns onto Alaska Route 5.

We are taking the Taylor Highway
North to Chicken.

A section of the road, past
Chicken, is closed every
night at 8 pm.

This road is not maintained.

We will be driving on large
sections of unpaved road.

Chicken is 66 miles away.

Eric plans to drive at 30
miles per hour.

It's a rainy day.

Surely the motorcyclists are
being extra careful driving
on slick pavement.

The Taylor Highway runs 
through some of the
earliest & richest mining
areas in Alaska.

Eric slows to 20 miles per
hour on rougher sections
of unpaved road.

Deteriorating sections of
paved road are well marked.

Chicken can be located
from the air.

The town  uses left over mining
equipment for their sign.

Let's park the motorhome and see what Chicken has to offer.

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