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Friday, February 22, 2019

South.... To Quartzsite, Arizona

Eric & I say goodbye to
Lake Havasu City....

.... & start our drive south

I notice off-road tails
as we drive south.

Eric calls areas of land with
lots of trails "playgrounds."

Share The Road

Purple flowers line the road.

There's a lot of greenery in
western Arizona following
multiple rainstorms.

17 miles to Parker

51 miles to Quartzsite

A shot of Lake Havasu

I like this picture...

Mountains & a mound
topped with Palm Trees
in the distance.

The Southwest's version
of Ireland.

A shot of a Golf Course, just
off Arizona State Route 95

Casino in Parker

Arizona State Route 72 
would take us to Bouse.

We turn right & continue
on Arizona Route 95.

Fields of grass in the desert

Eric & I arrive in Quartzsite.

We select a spot off of Plomosa
 Road & settle in for two weeks
of boondocking.

Rain returns to the desert.

Mud too...

I have indoor projects to complete and don't mind the dreary weather.

Winter Blast in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Eric and I keep busy during the day, Off-Roading, visiting London Bridge and Lake Havasu City.

When the sun sets, we look to the Northeastern sky for Winter Blast Fireworks Shows.

Amateur Pyros (Pyrotechnicians)
ignite fireworks they created today.

Here are Eric's and my favorite photos:

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Where Does Lake Havasu's Bridgewater Channel Go?

London Bridge spans the
northeast end of Pittsburg

Eric & I pass London Bridge
Resort as we walk south,
along the Channel...

To our left is Bridgewater
Links & a foursome of

Our walk continues to 

Eric points out that the sign
is supported by Gabion

Pack It In 
Pack It Out

Local businesses provide
 trash  bags for visitors in
an effort to keep the
grounds trash free.

This end of the channel
leads to Thompson Bay.

Havasu Outrigger has canoes

Eric & I decided not to get
our feet wet on this visit.

Boaters heading north in
Bridgewater Channel.

Five people paddle an
Outrigger Canoe.

Ducks gather around a boy
with Bird Feed.

is a 1/8th scale replica of 

The sign to the left welcomes boaters to Bridgewater Channel and lists laws to follow while visiting this heavily traveled waterway.

Our curiosity satisfied, Eric and I return to London Bridge and our car.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Beers @ World Famous Fish & Chips Near London Bridge

There's a 45-minute wait for outdoor seating at Blue Chair.  Eric and I will get drinks elsewhere,.

World Famous Fish & Chips
overlooks Bridgewater 
Channel & the promenade
beneath London Bridge.

And, they sell beer.

 with an Orange Slice &

The musician plays the music
& young visitors sing...

It's a big hit with the families dining here.

Eric & I watch tourists
strolling by...

Here comes the train.

Its return route passes in front of
World Famous Fish & Chips.

A Kon Tiki Canyon Cruiser
is pulling into its slip.

This is a great spot for people watching at London Bridge.

Monday, February 18, 2019

A Return Visit to London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, Part 2

Eric and I visited London Bridge and Lake Havasu City on January 8, 2014.  We found walkways near London Bridge empty.  Many of the shops at London Bridge were stocking
their shelves in anticipation of the arrival of winter tourists.

The ornate gateway to 
& restaurants

This Dragon marks the boundary
of London Bridge in Lake
Havasu City.

Tourists stop for selfies
at this fountain.

The Visitor Center

Eat, Drink, Relax

London Bridge

He spent an additional $7,000,000 to have the bridge disassembled and each block was numbered before shipment to Arizona.  The Bridge reassembled over Bridgewater Channel in Lake Havasu City and rededicated in 1971.

Eric stops to
make a call....

Next stop...

Village Gifts & Souvenirs

A marina sits beneath
the wide promenade.

I'm happy to see visitors at this tourist attraction.

Two men fish in the channel. 

Empty Boat Slips wait 
for boaters to return. 

London Bridge from a distance