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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day Two of Our Drive to Valdez, Alaska

We are on one of the few
divided highways in Alaska.

It's been over a month since
 I've seen a large overhead
 traffic sign.

Some of the turnoffs have spectacular views.

Today's drive is very scenic.

The road shoulders
are narrow.

The view from another scenic turnoff.

203 miles to Valdez

Tourists book flights to go

We are alert for Caribou.

No luck today. 

Black Spruce dot the landscape.

The road ahead...

A Moose heads into the woods.

Other than our visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage, we haven't seen many large land mammals.

We spot the Worthington Glacier
 from the road. 

Worthington State Recreation Area is coming up.  We will stop and walk closer to 
the glacier.

After much discussion, Eric &
I decide that these are markers
for driving in severe winter

The Welcome to Valdez sign

Eric thinks this is the best
welcome sign he's seen
during our trip. 

is a roadside wonder.

Just down the road in Keystone
 Canyon is Horsetail Falls, a
very descriptive name.

We arrive at Prince William Sound.

Let's go into Valdez & find
our campground.

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