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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Things I've Learned While Driving to Alaska....

Fuel costs more in Canada.... 

Campground is $1.79
per liter.

Much more in northern British Columbia and in small towns in the Yukon Territory...

There are differences in fuel
prices in Alaska.

Fuel costs more in remote places
like Haines & Skagway, Alaska.

Start getting supermarket discount cards now.  Eric started collecting them about a year a go. Many stores provide discounts on fuel based on the amounts of groceries purchased at the particular store. Get a discount card from any of the Kroger family of grocery stores that you find at the bottom of this web page.  We have been using our Smith's card to get three cents off per gallon at Fred Meyer gas pumps.

Keep your grocery receipt to present for discounts on fuel at Safeway gas pumps.

               Souvenirs cost more in Canada...

The lodges in British Columbia
 & Yukon Territory have the
highest prices.

I don't regret supporting

Many of the souvenirs found in Canadian lodges are also found in Alaska.

Canada has higher postage rates.  We waited and mailed souvenirs home from Alaska.

Get your fresh vegetables in
more heavily populated areas.

Eric and I have found that fresh food bought in small towns isn't as fresh as what we are used to and have a shorter shelf life too.


 Visitor Centers are essential.

The brochures & pamphlets
are always in hand, even when
 the internet is unavailable.

Surely, I've learned other things...  When I think of them, I'll do a follow up post on this topic.

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