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Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Belated Anniversary Dinner at Canali's in Rotterdam, New York

Eric's Mom gave us a gift certificate
to our favorite restaurant,
Canali's  in Rotterdam, New York.

Eric and I celebrated our wedding anniversary in Toronto in August.  Let's celebrate again!

We've been going to Canali's to celebrate our anniversary since 1986.  Eric makes reservations and asks for a specific table in the far corner of the restaurant.  It's so romantic!

As always, we receive
a warm welcome.

The bar is always busy.

The dining area is very

We ordered a small antipasto
with our dinners.

Eric had Braciole with ziti for dinner.

I chose Veal Sorrento with spaghetti.

Eric at our intimate table
with the to go boxes.

Thank you, Mom, for a wonderful anniversary dinner!  Life is good!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Eric's Mom's Car Gets a New Roof and Paint Job

Eric's Mom has a 1990 Buick Park Avenue.  She's owned this car for about 16 years.  Jerry loves this car.  It runs great and she doesn't want to replace it.

In May, she had the landau roof replaced at George's Auto Glass and Upholstery in Watervliet, New York. She and Eric took her car to MAACO in Rotterdam for minor body repair and a paint job.

Here are the
before pictures...

The body work is minor.

I think Jerry will be spending
most of her money on a
new paint job.

Mom got the call that
MAACO was working
on the finishing touches.

Here's Jerry's car, new
& improved.

One last detail....

Jerry, Eric & Liz chat for a bit
while Jerry pays for the work.

We follow Jerry home.

She's delighted to have
her car back!

In two years, Jerry's Buick Park Avenue will be a classic car.  She'll be on the streets,
showing it off...

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Dogs of Detroit

My interest in Detroit continues.  It's like pulling a thread and watching a sweater unravel...

First it was the people.  Since the 1950s, 62 percent of the population of Detroit moved to other cities and towns. Homes were abandoned.  When people left Detroit, did they take everything with them?  No.  Pets were left behind.

An article in the Windsor Star alerted me to the problem of abandoned dogs in Detroit.

Abandoned dogs
run in packs.

They kill small pets &
have attacked people.

Detroit's Animal Control staff
has been cut, while the
number of abandoned
dogs has risen.

Many of these dogs haven't
been spayed or neutered,
leading to more & more
homeless dogs on the streets.

50,000 homeless dogs are
overwhelming the agencies
that care for & find homes
 for them.

Abandoned homes, businesses
& dogs....

When a city suffers, pets
suffer too.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wagon Train BBQ in Rotterdam, New York

Eric and I wanted to try some New York style barbecue.  Not far from where we are staying is Wagon Train BBQ.

This place has lots of ambiance...

The outdoor displays are amazing!

The wagon train is heading
toward the smoker.

"Buffalo" graze nearby.

This cowboy is taking a
few well deserved moments
to himself.

The Chuck Wagon BBQ
has a mobile smoker too.

Inside, they have
all the sides for BBQ.

John Wayne oversees
the chef & the staff.

Come warm yourself
by the fireplace.

There's always room
for a cookie after pulled
pork & a rack of ribs.

I'm embarrassed to say that there's no pictures of the great food we ate here.  We tucked into it immediately, and empty dishes aren't photo worthy.  Stop in for good eats, or take some home..... You can't go wrong!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saturday Visiting with Diane, Damon & Sean in Rotterdam, New York

Great Aunt Karen is
very snugly.

Talking cars with
Great Uncle Russell.

Josh is so tall!
Cousins come in
all sizes.

Hey Uncle Adam!
I have cowbell! 

Great Aunt Nancy
is so nice!

A quiet moment with
Great Aunt Doreen. 

I like Anthony!
He plays with me.

Great Grandma has
the best lap...

Uncle Adam, when I grow up,
I want to be Doctor Who.

Visiting Aunt Betty in Glenville, New York

It's time to leave to see Aunt Betty.  We are all excited about this visit.  This will be the first time Aunt Betty has seen Sean.  A situation that MUST be corrected.

There's just enough time
for a power nap.

Sean, Mommy,
Aunt Betty & Daddy

Let's sit down & get
better acquainted.

Sean & Aunt Betty
are having a lovely visit.

Let's see, Aunt Betty is Jerry's (Great Grandma) Aunt.  She is Eric's Great Aunt and Diane's Great Great Aunt.  Aunt Betty is Sean's Great Great Great Aunt.  We all know she's great!

Sean is starting to snuggle with
Mommy & his green blanket...

He's getting tired, sigh.

It's time to say good night to Aunt Betty.  Hugs & kisses all around.  We love you, Aunt Betty!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Weekend of Visits with Diane, Damon & Sean in Rotterdam, New York

Our daughter, Diane, and her family lives in Southern New Hampshire.  They are visiting the area for the weekend.  Can't wait!

Daddy's taking it easy
after a long drive.

Sean is saying hi to
Great Grandma from the
comfort of Mommy's lap.

Let the visiting begin!

Sean tries his first
sitting on Grandpa's lap.

Great Uncle Mark &
Sean "talk shop."

Sean & Grandma hang
out for a bit before Sean
leaves to see Aunt Betty.

Follow Up Orthopedic Visit with Dr. Maxian at Schenectady Regional Orthopedic

Today I have an appointment to see Dr. Tina Maxian for an Orthopedic follow up appointment.  She is listed as a participating physician on Eric's health insurance web site.  I checked the New York State Physician Profile Database for information on Dr. Maxian's education, board certifications and professional organization memberships.

Schenectady City Hall's
reflection.... a great start
to the morning.

has grown tremendously...

It now takes up the better part
of a city block in downtown

I am so tired of this

Time to "disrobe" for
the doctor.

I brought medical information with me from Regions Hospital in Saint Paul, Minnesota, follow up appointments in Saint Paul and Mishawaka, Indiana and Physical Therapy appointments in Rockford, Illinois and Schenectady.  After x-rays, Eric and I waited for Dr. Maxian.

Great news!  The bones in my ankle are healed.  I can drive clutch (our Jeep), when I have a normal walking gait.  Bring on the PT!

Ooh, this air cast is invisible
under my slacks.

Eric asked if Dr. Richards was
working when we arrived.

This is our lucky day!
Dr. Richards did amazing work
on Eric's right leg 33 years ago.

This brief reunion means so
 much to Eric & me.