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Sunday, January 13, 2019

So Flat, So Rocky, So Beautiful: BLM Land Near Quartzsite, Arizona

Early clouds obscure sunrise
on BLM Land near

The clouds burn off and the sky turns to a beautiful blue

Bushes & a budding

The wrinkled looking Plomosa
Mountains were formed by
shifting tectonic plates.

This Ocotillo is dormant
right now.

As expansive as this area is,
overnight parking is not
allowed in some areas.

Tiny yellow flowers bloom
on this Creosote Bush.

This track looks pretty level,
but it's a bumpy ride by car
& RV.

This bush reminds Eric of
The Crystalline Entity on
Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I think it's Senna Corvesii.  I decided to use the Wikipedia Link because it shows the dormant phase of the plant.  All the other links show a flowering bush, which looks nothing like the picture I took.

As the afternoon wears on,
clouds build up above the
Plomosa Mountains.

A dead & deteriorating
Saguaro Cactus

I see our Jeep & motorhome
in the distance.

What is this?

I brought home
a large pricker.

 A small piece of
 The Crystalline Entity

It's more delicate than
I imagined.


A beautiful evening 
on BLM Land

Saturday, January 12, 2019

After the Rain on BLM Land in Quartzsite, Arizona

Here comes the rain.

Quartzsite gets about 5 inches of rain per year. 

Our table needs to be
dried off.

The sky is full of clouds.

Puddles in a tire's path

I thought light rain showers
were quickly absorbed by
this arid land.

This motorhome's solar
panels are absorbing
solar energy. 

The reflection of a cloud
in the large puddle.

The sunlight is brilliant as I
walk back to our motorhome
on BLM (Bureau of Land
Management) Land.

Friday, January 11, 2019

GEOASTRORV Is Setting Up On BLM Land Near Quartzsite, Arizona

The Solar Panels are
perpendicular to the
motorhome on the

I'm curious....

I must ask questions.

The enclosed tent & "teepee" 
are related to stargazing.

That's not totally accurate.  John and Brenda provide free day and night astronomy shows.  This is a great way for them to share their passion as they travel the country.

The solar panels are mounted
on the trailer that John &
Brenda tow behind their

One of the telescopes
being set up...

John and Brenda's website lists their Itinerary.  Good news!  They are returning to Quartzsite for the for the Big Tent Sports, Vacation and RV Show January 19 - 27 to display their solar panel installation with Battle Born COO Sean Nichols.  Sign up at for updates.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Our New Neighborhood: BLM Land North of Quartzsite, Arizona

Eric and I were happy to see brilliant sunshine after our cold night camped off of Plomosa Road.  The nighttime low was 29 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let's stretch our legs, explore a bit and talk with our neighbors.

Looking west, along Plomosa
Road toward Arizona State 
Route 95

Looking east toward Bouse

There we are, off in
the distance.

A rocky "curb" was built by grading the rocky strip of land adjacent to Plomosa Road.

A close up of the "curb."

This section has been in
place long enough for
vegetation to grow.

I stopped to carefully inspect
this bleached root from a

At first glance, I thought I
found the remains of a
human forearm & hand

The overall terrain is relatively
flat & very rocky.

Water travels along shallow
channels as this land drains
after a rainstorm.

Trees & brush grow along 

Eric and I refer to these areas of growth as hedgerows.

A panoramic shot of our closest neighbors

Many of them are Xscapers.  They live and work "on the road."  Escapees founders Joe and Kay Peterson founded Escapees RV Club as they traveled the country and worked while raising their family.  Xscapers are following in the Peterson's tire tracks.  

This 5th Wheel Trailer has
a rear porch.

A RZR drives by.

The motorhome on the
right has an impressive
array of solar panels.

A 1970s GMC Canyon Land 
Motorhome with an interesting
looking motorcycle.

We must investigate....

a scooter....  Oops.

The slideouts on this
5th Wheel are peaked,
not flat.

The owners of this Blue Bird
Bus have rooftop storage.

The owners of this unique
Travel Trailer bought an old
Trailer, tore it down to its
frame & created their
mobile home.

The Truck with Truck Camper,
on the left, is towing a trailer
as long as it is. 

The largest Pop-Up Trailer
I've ever seen is parked
about a hundred yards
from its closest neighbor.

Our neighbors will change during our stay north of Plomosa Road.  Xscapers are moving on to Lake Havasu.  A group from Montana and Escapee Boomers are camping in this area soon.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Driving East to Quartzsite, Arizona

Palm Trees & snow topped

Southern California is a
study in contrasts.

Most of today's drive is along

Here we go....

The Indio Bridge

Festival 2019 starts on
April 12th.

96 miles to Blythe, California &
245 miles to Phoenix, Arizona

One of the few billboards
along our route...

Jesus offers you a new life

Traffic is steady in
both directions.

is nearby.

It remains open during the

The hills tot he south look
like piles of rubble.

Rubble Ditch is one of many
water channels that run
the highway.

Local terrain shows up in

Desert & scrubby brush
stretch on for miles,

Distant mountains are hazy.

Water brings the desert to life....

A Palm Tree Farm


Welcomes You

Saguaro Cacti reach
for the sky.

12 miles to Quartzsite

Texting & Driving
Is So Last Year
Be a Trendsetter

Arizona discourages phone use while driving because there's no law against it.

Quartzsite Town Limits

Eric drives to East Main Street
to fuel up the motorhome at
the Chevron Gas Station.

Other gas stations in the area have Diesel Prices over $3.00 per gallon, making $2.87 per gallon a bargain.

Eric looked at the physical layout
of this gas station before deciding
to get fuel here.

We drive to Plomosa Road,
north of town.

We drive about 2 miles down
the road....

Eric & I are boondocking off
of Plomosa Road.

There are no electrical, water
or sewer services on this
section of BLM Land.

Eric and I use about 300 amps per day and don't alter our electrical usage when we are off the grid.  Our solar panels are tilted to maximize solar energy collection for our batteries.  The generator is used to fully charge our batteries on cloudy days when the solar panels aren't collecting in the amperage we need. 

The Liquid Propane Tank is full to power the refrigerator and LP furnace.  

We arrive with 120 gallons of water: 89 in our fresh water tank, 11 in our hot water heater, 19 gallons in large water jugs & 1 gallon in assorted water bottles.  

From previous boondocking experiences, Eric and I know that we use about 7 gallons of water a day.  We will add water from the jugs we brought into the RV water tank as its level goes down and buy water in town, as needed.  

Our Grey Water Tank, which holds 42 gallons, is empty.  The Black Tank, which holds 52 gallons, is empty.  Our goal is to camp without going into town to dump our tanks or fill the Propane Tank.  

The boondocking lifestyle includes using paper plates, bowls, etc.  Any dishes, silverware and pots and pans are wiped out with a damp paper towel to ensure that dish washing is a water conscious experience.  

Freshwater is turned off when not in use.  A Freshwater Bucket collects cold water in the shower, as it heats up for Navy Showers.  It is then used to wash our few dishes.  A Grey Water Bucket collects dishwater, etc. to flush the toilet.  RVers are allowed to water nearby bushes with Grey Water.   

Trash.....  There's a County Transfer Station about 5 miles from where we are camped.  It's open Sunday - Wednesday, 7:30 am to 2:30 pm.  Eric and I will drop off the trash we generate on our way into Quartzsite.