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Friday, February 28, 2014

Spending Time in Pahrump, Nevada

An hour down the road from
the abandoned trailer park we
stayed at is Pahrump, Nevada.

Pahrump's name comes from the Indian word Pha-Rimpi, which means water rock.  The Pahrump Valley has several artesian wells.

The Town of Pahrump

Until the 1960s, there was one radio operated phone in Pahrump.  Gravel roads led to the town.  Growth in Las Vegas and Death Valley National Park visitors provided the impetus to pave roads into Pahrump.  

That explains the sparseness
that I see on both sides 
of the road.

Pahrump is an unincorporated township in Nye County.  Most of the town's services are provided by the county.

As we approach the center of town,
there are more signs & buildings.

Gas prices are much lower
here than in Death Valley.

There are plenty of choices
for eating out.

Places to get a loan quickly.

Shopping Plazas

Pahrump Party Supply 

Fireworks stores are
popular here.

Gold Town Casino is
one of eight casinos in
the town.

right across the street.

Eric & I will visit Smith's so
I can add this supermarket to
my growing list of  grocery stores

Escapees Pair A Dice Co-Op in Pahrump, Nevada

We are staying at the Escapees 
Pair A Dice Co-Op in
Pahrump, Nevada for a
few days.

Escapee members can buy memberships here entitling them to purchase a lot when one becomes available. The membership and lot can be sold back to the Co-Op.  Many members have been here for years.  There's a waiting list for interested Escapees.

The Office

Park announcements
are posted here.

One of the park's
small gardens 

Each casita is shared by
the adjoining neighbor.

This is my favorite
front yard.

I told the neighbor on the
right, Ron, that he's done
a great job.

I found a friendly alien
one morning.

The largest park is
Gazebo Island.

Pair A Dice Co-Op has a
grease pit for members to use.

There is a fee for disposal
of old oil.

A large grill stands adjacent
to the Club House.

An artist was commissioned
to paint accents on the walls.

The lounge has several pieces
of exercise equipment.

There are plenty of tables &
chairs for events.

Adjacent, there are pool tables.

Any type of meal can be
prepared in this
spacious kitchen.

I spent time in the laundry room.

The artist "dressed up"
the laundry room. 

I was amazed to see ironing
boards and an iron here.

This is our third Esscapees Co-Op Park we've visited.  Each park is laid out differently.  There are different amenities.  Each one has been very impressive.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Panamint Springs Resort in Death Valley National Park

After leaving Wildrose Canyon,
Eric turns onto 190 West.

We are at 2,000 feet
& climbing.

Panamint Springs Resort is the
only place in western Death Valley
National Park with amenities.

Besides the motel, there's
an RV Park.

Look at the price of gas here!
$5.98 for unleaded.

An employee explained to us that there is a mileage fee to deliver gas here.  The driver spends an entire day delivering and returning to the fuel company.

It's time for lunch &
something to drink.

Eric samples a few beers
from the tap.

He's going with a bottled
beer today.

Me, I just wanted water.

I walk around the
dining area.

The walls are covered with
photos & drawings of
the area.

Eric chose a
Dead Guy Ale.

We ordered the Margherita
Pizza for lunch.

The basil make this pizza

While talking with the staff here, we found out that summers are busy at Panamint Spring Resort.  Europeans come here to experience the hot weather and to take in the sights that Death Valley has to offer. 

This is our last day in Death Valley National Park.   
I know we'll be back.

The Charcoal Kilns in Wildrose Canyon in Death Valley National Park

Modoc Consolidated Mining
Company had ten charcoal
kilns built in 1877.

Each is about 25 feet tall.

Nearby stands of wood
 supplied the kilns.

Wood was charred 
until coal remains.

Charcoal produced here provided
 fuel for smelting silver
 mined in the Argus Range.

The finished product was packed out on donkeys and taken to smelters twenty-five
miles away.

Nothing remains of the tents
& crude cabins that housed
the men who worked the kilns.

The charcoal kilns didn't produce much income and charcoal production stopped in 1879.  These kilns are among the best preserved kilns in the western United States.

Driving West Into the Panamint Mountains in Death Valley National Park

Telescope Peak looms
above Badwater Basin
at 11,049 feet.

Today we drive west to
& Telescope Peak.

There are more & more
green bushes as we
near the mountains.

Telescope Peak is
getting closer...


It's cold up here.  The temperature drops five degrees for every 1,000 feet of elevation.  It's about 41 degrees up here, and we're not at the summit.

At the closed service road
 entrance I get a shot of the 
weather tower at the summit.

Eric drives through
the snow.

What's next?