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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Overnighting at a Very Special Fred Meyer in Soldotna, Alaska

Talk about feeling welcomed....

The Fred Meyer in Soldotna...

...has dedicated RV Parking.

Signage telling RVers of the
services available...

Dump, fill & a dumpster
for trash.

I am impressed!

I directed Eric into the only
RV parking spot with extra
space for our slide outs.

We are comfortable with
extra living space.

I saw a Fred Meyer employee walking by and writing down license plate numbers.  I told Eric and he went outside to talk to the young man.

I'm so glad Eric went outside.

Nathan's job is to check on RVers,
talk with them & give them
discount coupons for shopping
& for fuel purchases.

I am amazed by the services Fred Meyer provides for RVers at this store.  I went into the store and spoke with an Assistant Manager.  She was pleased to hear my compliments of their program and of Nathan.  This is the only Fred Meyer in Alaska that offers these services to RVers.  I thanked the Assistant Manager again and she told me to spread the word that Fred Meyer in Soldotna welcomes and caters to RVers who shop in and stay in their parking lot.

Thank you, Fred Meyer!

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