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Monday, May 30, 2016

Stopping for a Drink The Social House Sports Bar & Grill at Via Port Rotterdam

Eric & I decided to stop at
Via Port Rotterdam for a
drink on our way home
from Randy Loren's
Dolce Vita.

Eric sits & admires the
"fire pit" table.

We like the intimate seating,
off in a corner.

The bar looks so far away...

Time to order a night cap...

Eric and I watched the bartenders close the bar for the evening.  It's a quiet time...

The bar overlooks
The Arcade.

Via Port Entertainment and The Social Club had a soft opening in February.  I expect business will pick up as more people find out about the venues.

A Dinner Show, Music & Dancing at Randy Loren's Dolce Vita in Schenectady, New York

Eric & I are having dinner at Randy Loren's Dolce Vita
this evening.  

Tables surround the
dance floor.

The bar

Tonight's Dinner Show, America's Answer to the British Invasion, followed by dancing, brought out many sixties music lovers.

I wish I brought my 35 milometer camera to take photos tonight.  It does a much better job in low lighting.  Eric's happy that I didn't bring it. There's no room for it at our intimate table for two.

Eric bought me a corsage 
that compliments my 
dress for our date

Our appetizers: Meatballs
& Tomato Mozzarella 
Plate with a bottle of
Rosemont Estate
Diamond Label Shiraz.

Eric's entree is Beef Au Jus
topped with Crispy Onions,
Vegetables & Mashed

My Pork Loin is topped with
Mushrooms & Gravy, served
with Vegetables & Mashed

Our waitress, Beth, took a
photo for us.

Mike VanHoesen & Elaine
Williams sing a duet.

Elaine "cuts up" a bit while
singing with Randy.

The Lussier brothers wrap up
the Dinner Show with Simon
& Garfunkel songs.
 After the show ended, diners took to the dance floor to kick up their heels.  The place was rocking when Eric and I left to check out the scene at Via Port Rotterdam.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

What's Going on at Guilderland Avenue & Curry Roads in Rotterdam, New York?

The former store with apartments
above on Guilderland Avenue &
Curry Road sits behind a chain
link fence.

This dilapidated building has been sitting empty for several years.  I don't think anyone is sad to see it readied for "the wrecking ball."

A new CVS is planned to open right across Curry Road from Rite Aid Pharmacy.

Heavy equipment sits
nearby, ready to start
the demolition.

Adjacent houses have been
emptied & are ready to be
torn down.

There's no house back there....

This house on Lawndale Avenue
is emptied & ready to be
taken down.

Between the new pharmacy and its parking lot, the new CVS will take up an entire block.

I'll walk by regularly to watch this this project as it moves towards completion.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Using Alternative Energy to Light & Heat Homes in Rotterdam, New York

I focus on different aspects of my mother-in-law Jerry's neighborhood on my daily walks.

This house, with solar panels
mounted on its roof, was
unique three years ago,

Now, I see a house with solar panels on nearly every street in Jerry's neighborhood.

This house is just a block
away from Jerry's.

The owners of this house
included solar panels on
their garage.

Adding solar panels to a house is a serious financial commitment.  Depending on the number of panels, wiring, battery configuration and labor, solar panel installation can cost anywhere from roughly 27,000.00 to $44,000.00, or more.  A Federal tax deduction, the New York State rebate, municipality and/or utility rebate and/or property tax exemptions can cut the initial cost by thousands. Do you want solar panels and the ability to use alternative energy to light and heat your house, but the up front costs are too high?  Solar panel installations can now be leased.  

Others in Jerry's neighborhood are finding alternative energy a viable option for their homes.

Solar panels are most
efficient when placed
on the south side of
a house.

I turn the corner & find
another home with
solar panels mounted
on its roof.

The solar panel installation is
individual to each house.

The goal is to produce as
much electricity as possible
from solar power to cut the
electric bill costs.

Solar panels on homes
are becoming


Whether purchased or leased,
more & more people are choosing
to use alternative energy to
light & heat their homes.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Springtime Sprucing Up in Jerry's Neighborhood

Springtime is the right time for home improvement projects.  As I walk around my mother-in-law Jerry's neighborhood, I see numerous projects underway. 

It's time for a new roof.

The siding on this house
is getting cleaned with a
power sprayer.

Department has a work 
crew patching holes 
in the road.

It's been a busy

This house's old siding has 
been removed & is waiting
for a "new look."

This house & its lawn is
all spruced up & is
 ready for a new family.

Springtime is the right time for change...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Anthony's Spring Concert at Duanesburg Middle/High School in Duanesburg, New York

Spring is in the air launching musical notes from spring concerts skyward...

... at Duanesburg 
Junior/High School.

                 Photo from

Tonight's musical fare is provided by Duanesburg Middle School students.

 The Middle School Choir sings a tribute to Queen.
Our nephew, Anthony, is wearing a suit &
standing in the front row.

The audience was encouraged to sing along....

Anthony's mom, Doreen, got
this great shot of Anthony
during the concert.

The students worked hard on their music and their effort shows.  All too soon, the concert was over and it was picture time....

Anthony & Grandma.

This middle schooler was
happy to see his Grandma
in the audience tonight.

The 2015/2016 school year is winding down. Music is an important part of saying goodbye to a successful year of academics and fun.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The 7D Turbo Ride at Crossgates Mall in Albany, New York

Three dimensional thrill rides are going mainstream.  My hunch is that technology has made the mechanics of this type of ride more compact and has allowed 3D rides to "escape" from expensive theme park settings...

The price of a one day ticket at this region's Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom in Queensbury, New York is $46.99.  This cost covers all rides in the park, including any 3D rides, but still the up front cost is steep to access 3D thrill rides.

Eric bought a Groupon for
two for the 7D Turbo Ride 
at Crossgates Mall in

The 3D themed ride in a shopping mall is a money saver.  Customers are paying for a single ride, and not paying up front cost for access to a theme park.

There are eight rides to
choose from.

Eric & I are going to
take a ride into the
Tomb of the Pharaoh.

We find ourselves alone at the 7D Turbo Ride on a Tuesday afternoon.

There's no need to wait
for a seat....

The Tomb of the Pharaoh ride was fun!  The seats shook, soared and dove as the ride took us deeper and deeper into the tomb.  As we descended into the tomb, the air got moist and dank.  Finally, the Pharaoh burst the constricting bandages....  Agggh!

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Producers @ Schenectady Light Opera Company in Schenectady, New York

I'm looking forward to an
evening at the theater...

Tonight's performance: Mel Brooks' The Producers

The stage is set for the
opening scene.

Eric gets a shot of me, &
the audience before the
play starts.

The Producers is a very funny play.  The actors deliver their witty lines with perfect timing. Everyone on stage is having a great time as they present this play.

I marvel at the ingenuity of
the scene changes.

All too soon, the play is over.  The cast assembles on the stage and takes their bows.
We applaud them, the musicians and the backstage workers who make the magic happen.

Schenectady Light Opera Company continues its 80 year plus tradition of wonderfully produced, delightfully acted comedies.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Buying New Bikes at Freemans Bridge Sports in Glenville, NY

 As they say, " The third time's the charm."  Eric and I bought single speed Panama Jack bikes at Walmart in 2012 and found that they were difficult rides in hilly areas, so we gave them away.  In 2014 we bought 18 speed bikes at Walmart so we could ride bikes in hilly areas. Going through the gears got harder because the bikes were stored outside.  (Full time, traveling RVers don't have access to storage sheds or a garage.)  After four flats in Albuquerque (Damn you Goatheads!), it became obvious that we were either going to get better constructed bikes or stop riding bikes.

Eric did hours of research on the internet.  Bikes with exterior gears need regular maintenance when kept outside.  We want bikes with internal gears.  With me in mind, he looked at bikes made for less athletic people.  I don't like to ride bikes leaning forward like a Tour de France competitor AND I like a big cushy seat.  The Townie Bike fit the criterion Eric developed for my bicycle riding comfort.

We chose Freemans Bridge
 Sports for our bike purchase.

Eric emailed several bike shops in the Capital District.  Freemans Bridge Sports sells Townie bikes and provided extra information for us to consider when making bike purchases.  A few other bike shops in the area answered Eric's email inquiry.  Unfortunately, they were intent on selling external gear bikes... not the type of bikes we were interested in.  

Freemans Bridge Sports
has bikes for all ages.

Unicycle, anyone?

Cycling Clothing, Gloves,Helmets

I like the chairs for those accompanying the shopper and the table with crayons and coloring sheets for small children.

Bike Lubricants,
 Inner Tubes,
Bike Tires  

Car Mounted Bike Racks...

We are buying the Saris 
Freedom 2 that stores
bikes separately.

Our current bike rack stores bikes without any space between them.  There have been some "bike tangling."  Somehow, we managed to bend one of the wheels on Eric's old multi-speed bike.

Eric & our bikes...

The Townie 3 Speed
Mens' Bike.

Eric test driving his bike.

We each went through the three gears while we tried out the bikes.  Seats needed to be adjusted, as it's an individual adjustment.

Putting the bikes on the
new bike rack.

This bike rack mounts through the Jeep's spare tire.

Gary inspects the mounted
bikes before we leave.