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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska

It's been nearly twenty years since Eric and I visited an aquarium.  Today we are visiting the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward.

We are using a coupon from

Today we are saving $20.00
by getting the second
admission free.

So far, we've saved over $400.00 with this $99.00 investment.

Eric in front of the 
Alaska SeaLife Center.

The Admission Desk

Wheel chairs & strollers 
are available for visitors
to use.

Eric touches sea life at
The Discovery Center.

He tells me that the
Sea Cucumber is soft.

We watch Barnacles feeding
on Sea Brine.

Eric looks at a group of 
very small Jellyfish.

A Harbor Seal jumps from
 an outdoor pool.

A Harbor Seal dives deep
in its tank.

It levels out at the bottom of
the tank before swimming
back to the swimming to the top.

This rescued Harbor Seal
is in quarantine.

The Center's goal is to release
it back into the wild.

Sea Otters ride around their pool
in a round bottomed barrel.

The Sea Lion basks in the sun.

The Sea Bird Exhibit

My first Puffin siting.

We watch ducks dive
for food.

This is one grumpy
looking fish.

Eric and I had a great time at the Alaska SeaLife Center.  Eric touched sea life and I had fun taking pictures.

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