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Monday, June 27, 2022

The Car Show @ Quick Response Restoration in Round Lake, NY

The weather is perfect for a Car Show, warm with high clouds.  Let's see the cars gathered at Quick Response Restoration in Round Lake.

Here is the question that Eric and I have at every  Car Show...  When is an older car a Classic, an Antique?  Eric found this article on older car terms.  It's been helpful for both of us.  

This 1956 Corvette is "cherry."

Eric and I walk through the rows of cars looking for our nephew, Jason.

He is DJing the Show for

Chelsey Eve is sitting on
the left.

With over 160 cars and trucks on display, I'm sharing the ones that Eric and I found most interesting.

has serious engine enhancements.

1978 Toyota Land Cruiser

It looks like a fun off-road

As a child, I was captivated 
by the early Mustangs.

An American Classic...

This Hillbilly Edition Coors-Vette
Rat Rod is a 1937 Dodge Truck.

1962 Oldsmobile Starfire

The trim is eyecatching.

I love the paint job on this

This is the first 1966 Buick
Wildcat GS Eric & I have
seen at a Car Show.

This is a rare sighting...

This car has a split front bumper.

I learned something new today.

built to compete with the Ford
Ranchero & Chevy El Camino.

This type of vehicle doesn't have a firm classification.  Built on a car frame, the Ranchero, El Camino & GMC Caballero have been classified as a car, a hybrid truck, and some state DMVs register this type of vehicle as a truck.

This 1930 Ford Woody is perfect!

Eric checks out this 1979

Name this car!

It's a 1966 Dodge Dart.

Here's my favorite Thunderbird at this Car Show...

Eric spends time admiring the
front end while I get this 
pic of its rear end.

It's beautiful!

Dodge manufactured 2,188 Lil Red Express Trucks in 1978 and 5,118 in 1979.   This is a unique addition to this Car Show.

Another rarity...   

Eric & I took in all the details
of this 1974 TVR 2500 M.

The driver's side

This car was manufactured

The generous rear window
tapers as it approaches the
TVR's sporty rear end.

Every Car Show is different and I always learn something new. The best part was watching our nephew, Jason, doing the work he loves, DJing his event.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Our Drive North to Galway, New York

Eric and I are once again homeward bound.  We left Circle M RV & Camping Resort at 8:00 am for our six hour drive north.  

The streets of Lancaster are quiet...

We follow the Interstate 81 signs

Three motorcycle riders prepare
to merge into traffic.

It's an easy drive day.

The vertical rock on the left shows
 that a section of the mountain
was blasted away to make
room for this highway.

A work crew is patching this
bridge deck.

Welcome to New York

Experience Explore Enjoy

Interstate 81 continues north

Eric & I are going East, 

One of the roadside Barns on
this leg of the drive.

The Silo has seen better days.

Westbound lanes on this section 
of I 88 are under construction.

Traffic going west is routed onto
one of the Eastbound lanes.

A shot of the Howe Caverns property

The Caverns are beautifully
 decorated with  stalactites &

A favorite shot of the 
Mohawk Valley

Eric pulls into the Pilot Travel Center
to fill our motorhome with Diesel
 at $6.29 per gallon.

The old Schenectady Armory

Experience is open now.

We must get tickets for this event.

Approaching the Village of Scotia

popular summer dining spot.

The green space beyond is

Country roads, take us home...

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

A Visit to Lancaster, Pennsylvania

German farmers settled in Lancaster in 1709.  Originally named Old Hickory, the development of the area led to its name change.  Just twenty years later Lancaster was designated Lancaster County's seat of government


A towering statue stands in Penn
 Square, at the heart of downtown

The Genius of Liberty towers
over four statues representing 
US Armed Forces.

When this statue was erected in 1874, our country's Military consisted of the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.  The Air Force was created in 1947 and the Space Force was created in 2019.

lived in this cream-colored
 house for many years & is
now the Demuth Musuem.

I expect this 193 year old City will be a mix of 18th century buildings and a mix of "newer buildings," including 21st century structures.

Farmer's Trust Company Lancaster
was built in 1912.

It is now a Performing Arts Center.

This early 20th century skyscraper
dwarfs the brick building on the left.

Central Market is surrounded
by other buildings, making it
hard to photograph.

The Market was built in 1730 to
provide a covered space for
 farmers to sell their crops
in all kinds of weather.

This stately building is the
Lancaster County Courthouse.

Fulton Theater was built
in 1852.

Modern Art has been created by
the Parking Garage's exposed

The Sehner Ellicot Van Ness
House was built in 1787.

It now houses the Historic

Saint James Episcopal Church
Founded in 1744

The churchyard has many
18th century graves.

built in the late 1700s.

The porch on this house has
unusual, arched molding.

Eric turned the car around so I could get pictures of this...

Victorian Townhouses line
the street across from the

Lancaster continues to grow and change since 1729. Many architecture styles are represented here.  It was a pleasure to see so many old buildings.  There's no way to "meld" the old with the new and that's OK.  Each building I shared is interesting and the mixed skyline represents Lancaster's history.