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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Drinks @ Beer Belly's Adult Day Care in Quartzsite, Arizona

Eric & I always spend time at
Beer Belly's when we visit
Tyson Wells.



Barbie & Ken wear custom
made Beer Belly's clothing.

The Staff here are very friendly.

Eric stops at the ATM
to get extra cash...

Locals & out of towners meet
at Beer Belly's

The Food Truck in the background
serves quick & easy Bar Foods.

Waiting for The Cassandra Long
Band to start...

A shot of me with the
Day Care Staff.

Every day is a party at Beer Belly's Adult Day Care in Quartzsite!

Shopping @ Tyson Wells in Quartzsite, Arizona

Tyson Wells has LOTS of Vendors.

This post includes a few of the many, many booths with wares to sell.


The Smoke Shop...








is here to pamper shoppers.

 This is a wonderful idea!




Signs & more...


Freeze Dried Candy

Minerals Of Arkansas



 Aromatherapy: recommended by
 Prevention, featured in Good
 to name a few

A gentleman joined me for this 
photo of an antique mirror.

Walla Walla Sausage Fest,
Burgers, & Curly Fries

 Socks are essential.

Solar, Star Link Pole & Bracket
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Electric Bike, Chairs, RV Mats,
 RV LEDS, Lithium Battery
 (LiFe PO4)

Every RVer needs a ladder.

MaMa Bears' Incense &
CBD Products

All of these "stores," food choices, and more are conveniently located a short walk from the Annual RV Show in Quartzsite

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

The RV Show in Quartzsite, Arizona


The Big Tent has LOTS
of Vendors.
These are the ones I've
chosen to share...




Bumper Bar is space efficient.

a Lifetime Guarantee.

Eric & I are very happy with
our puncture-proof roof.


RockPot cooks without 
Propane or Electricity.

 FlagPole Buddy Flag Poles
are also used to mount  

An RVers Friend has many
useful RV Products

Classic Video Games

Natural Botox

Redlands Truck & RV Tires

The toastie

Microwave to Toast & Grill

Battle Born Lithium Batteries
Eric & I are very happy
 with ours.

The Big Tent is surrounded by vendors...

The Coffee Wagon  &
other Food Vendors

Save AWN reinforces & protects
Electric Awnings in winds up to
25 miles per hour.

Visitors admire the Solar
Panel Array set up by 
Monument Solar.

Tripod Torch is small, portable,
a great source of heat & light
on cold nights.

Check out the Kickstarter Page
for this new product.

RV Dealerships brought in
Trailers, 5th Wheels &
Motorhomes & are ready
to make deals.

Welcome to Tyson Wells

There's more Shopping &
Food Vendors to visit.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Driving North to Quartzsite, Arizona




 Eric turns onto US 95/16th St.

There's fog in the distance.

It's a rare event here.

It envelopes us.

Main Gate

This Aerostat has surveillance
equipment & "watches" the

My favorite Saguaro photo
on this drive


RVs park in the Sonoran

LOTS of people come to Quartzsite
in late January for the Annual
RV Show.

Eric & I drive to BLM Land
off Plomosa Road for a
 Boondock site.

 Eric waves at me.

Life off grid starts now...