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Friday, June 27, 2014

We Again Drive North to Tok, Alaska

We enjoy the scenery...

The streams are running
pretty fast.

Black Spruce are the 
dominant tree here.

Eric cleans the dead bugs
from the windshield.

I call it Insect Suicide... Our son, Adam, calls it being hit by a bus while crossing the road.

The "hill" on the left doesn't
look like it belongs with the
rest of the scenery in this area.

We continue north 
to Tok.

Some pictures look like
post cards.

Bumps & damaged pavement
are clearly marked.

Just ten miles
to Tok.

The bike trail starts several
miles out of town.

I like having different options for
 getting around a community.

Eric will use the coupon from The Last Great Road Trip Magazine to get ten cents off per gallon on fuel for the motorhome at the Chevron Station in Tok.  As we did when we arrived in this section of Alaska, we will park behind the Chevron Station for the night before continuing north to Chicken.

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