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Monday, June 9, 2014

Driving Fifteen Miles Into Denali National Park

Eric and I decided to skip the bus ride in to view Denali, officially named Mount McKinley.  At 20,000 feet, the mountain has it's own climate.  More often than not, the mountain is obscured by clouds.  We will drive the fifteen miles of publicly accessible paved road in Denali National Park and hope to get a view of THE mountain.

A section of the paved road
is under construction.

We drive toward

Past the Savage River

The mountain looms
ahead of us.

The bridge across the Savage
River... elevation 2,780 feet

The parking lot where
cars turn around

 We crossed the bridge and used the bus turn around.

Cars, trucks & RVs share
the roads with bicyclists.

 A panoramic shot of the valley.

We didn't see Denali today.

It's obscured by clouds.

These mountains are

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