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Friday, June 13, 2014

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage, Alaska

Our Milepost Guide has a write
up on the Alaska Wildlife

Let's stop and see the animals.

This herd of Wood Bison
will be released into the wild
next year.

The animals that live in this Wildlife Conservation Center are rescues.  Animals that have been raised by humans will live here their entire lives.  Some of the rescues were badly injured and can't be returned to the wild.

Grazing Caribou have
velvety antlers.

They were rescued from
Alaskan Islands that are
overpopulated with Caribou.

This Moose was rescued at
a young age & bottle fed.

Adonis, the Bald Eagle, was found
 with a gunshot wound.

He is missing a wing.

Some Musk Oxen are

One is a former research

Elk have beautiful racks
this time of year.

They had been abandoned
by their mothers because they
were born too late in the season.

Eric and I chatted with Jeannine, who is a frequent Wildlife Conservation Center visitor. She knows a lot about the Center and assured us that the animals have spacious habitats and are well cared for.

This photo reminds me of a
wildlife calendar.

We are here in time to see the Alaskan Brown Bears being fed.  Alaskan Brown Bears live on the Alaskan coast.  Grizzly Bears live in the Alaska's interior.

Patron, rescued as a cub, stands
up as she  waits for dinner.

 Bears don't have good eye sight.
  They stand up to sniff the air
 & gather information

Smaller pieces of meat
are eaten quickly.

The chicken will be
eaten later.

The Lynx snoozes on a high
up shelf.

It was found, when it was a
cub, in the aftermath of
a wildfire.

The Red Fox is
a rescue.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center's roads, while bumpy are wide enough to accommodate RVs and buses, with plenty of parking spaces for visitors who drive the entire length of the Center's roads.

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