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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our Drive to Soldotna on the Kenai Peninsula

 Another drizzly day's drive.

Kenai Lake

Railroad tracks have lighting
on overheads, as well as
railroad gates.

A man sharpens a knife or ax
on the grind stone at the
waterwheel in Moose Pass.

Soldotna is 57 miles away.

Driving under the posted speed
limit of 55, it will take us about
1.5 hours to reach the city.

As we approach Sterling
this signpost provided lots 
of information.

Kenai River

We pass highway construction

Signage states that this is a
night construction area.

A straight stretch of road.

A nice break in today's
curving drive.

This section of road work
has flaggers directing traffic.

We have arrived in

We turn into the Fred Meyer
parking lot.

We follow the signs to the
RV Parking Section.

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