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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Drive to the US/Canada Border from Chicken, Alaska

We cross Chicken Creek
as we leave town.

is closed at the Alaska Border
each night from 8 pm to 8 am.

Eric is taking his time
on this uneven road.

This section of road has
just been repaired.

The State of Alaska Department 
of Transportation has a permanent
work station for Top of the World
Road maintenance.

One of the few bridges on the
Top of the World Highway.

Camping is available at the
Walker Fork Campground.

A short section of road has
been narrowed to one lane.

An Oversize Vehicle is
headed our way.

Eric pulls off the road as
far as he can.

The tractor trailer & our
motorhome would be a tight
fit on this section of road.


This vehicle takes a lane
and a half.

I'm happy to sit still & wait
for it to pass.

Eric drops our speed to 20
miles an hour & is prepared
to stop,  if needed.

We arrive at Boundary.

This is one of the oldest
roadhouses in this section
of Alaska.

We are back in the Yukon

While we are in the Yukon,
we are three hours behind
the East Coast.

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