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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lunch at Calhoun's Best Ribs in America in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Eric & I went to Calhoun's
Best Ribs in America in
Pigeon Forge.

We went to the Calhoun's on the Tennessee River in Knoxville in 2013 and loved the food!  How will this Calhoun's compare to our Knoxville experience?

The stained glass Acorn
chandelier is beautiful!

The bar

One of several dining areas

This Calhoun's can seat over three hundred people.

Eric & I are seated at a
booth on the left.

The Bread Plate has Dinner Rolls,
Corn Bread & Apple Bread.

The Potato Skins are "loaded"
with Cheese, Bacon, Pulled
Pork & Scallions.

Eric told or server that we visited Calhoun's in Knoxville and were here to compare the cuisine with the Knoxville restaurant.  We were assured that the food at this restaurant is much better than in Knoxville.

Eric's must haves: Pulled Pork
& Ribs

He chose Coleslaw & Corn
Pudding for his sides.

Everyone raves about the Corn Pudding on  Eric was "won over."

I ordered Coleslaw & Mashed
Potatoes to go with my
Pulled Pork.  


As Eric and I were enjoying our lunch, Bart Smith, the General Manager stopped at our table.  He was happy to hear that we are visiting Calhoun's in different cities.  And, the Pulled Pork is sooo juicy because the Pork Butt is kept whole; portions removed and pulled when an order comes into the kitchen.  Pulled Pork does not sit out getting dry as the day wears on.

It's not fair to make comparisons of restaurants years apart...  I think Eric and I need to return to Knoxville for lunch, again.  

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