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Friday, April 1, 2016

East... To Phoenix, Arizona

Eric & I say goodbye to our
free camping spot on BLM Land,
north of Quartzsite.

Today's drive is on

There's more traffic
heading west at 10:00 am.

This Saguaro "guards" this
section of highway.

The electronic sign warns
of high winds.

I think Eric and I are benefiting from a tail wind.

A Dust Devil swirls north
of Interstate 10 East.

What is Vermaland?
Vermaland is a very large real estate owner in Arizona.  It acquires land and resells it for commercial, residential, farm and renewable power projects.

Just 42 miles to Phoenix

Many find towers are unsightly...

I'm grateful for the phone, radio,
TV services the towers provide.

A Flying J fuel truck...

That's our favorite place
to fuel up.

A construction crane...

I love cranes.

Eric & I wonder if this a
sports stadium. 

We are always on the
lookout for roadwork,
including work on
road shoulders.

We stop for diesel fuel
at Flying J.

Palo Verde Trees are trimmed
for landscaping in Phoenix.

There'e everywhere in
the Southwest.

We are overnighting 
at Lowe's.

I called ahead and asked for permission to to stay the night.  The store manager granted my request and told me that we park at our own risk.  


Jerry, Diane, and Simon said...

Were you off of Plomosa road all that time? I thought there was a 2 week limit.

Ginny said...

I chose to be a bit vague. There are several camping options available in the Quartzsite area.