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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Driving Along I 40 East to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A Tumbleweed rolled
into our motorhome.

Leaving Amarillo....

We fuel up for our
4.5 hour drive.

I learned that Kim Kardashian
has her own perfume.

Another cross country drive
on Interstate 40 East

A C-130 is coming in
for a landing.

These military aircraft are commonly seen arriving and departing from the Stratton Air National Guard Base in Glenville, New York, near our hometown of Rotterdam.  

A 19th Century Windmill &
21st Century Wind Turbines

It's windy today.  Eric and I watch tractor trailers weaving in their lanes.  Having just watched The Hunt for Red October, we call the wavering big rigs "Crazy Ivans."

This giant cross dominates

People visiting a replica
of Calvary.

The leaning Britten

Eric quips, "What do you expect in the one star state?"

Take Exit 7 to Erick
& Sweetwater.
We've entered Oklahoma and I missed I-40's state sign.  We will go to the Oklahoma Visitors Center to get a picture of a sign of Oklahoma.

 A selfie in front of the Oklahoma sign
is better than a drive-by shot.

Windy it is....  fifteen to twenty mile per hour winds with gusts to thirty-five miles per hour.  

I climb into the driver's seat to start my portion of today's drive.

Eric takes his turn
with the camera.

Eric reminded me that we
used to eat their products.

A farm house & barn sit
in front of rolling hills
with iron red dirt.

Our sixteen ton Winnebago motorhome holds its lane well in the wind.  I grip the steering wheel tightly as I drive across these open plains.

The hay bales have a greenish
hue because they are wrapped
in green mesh.

Cattle graze in the sun.

Clever marketing, using the
m as the letter e on this

I think that's a field
of Soybeans.

Yukon is the home of
Garth Brooks & the
Yukon Millers State

eye catching sign.

The Oklahoma City

We are overnighting at the Bass Pro Shop 
in Oklahoma City.

Eric selected this spot from the database because I told him I wanted to spend a night at a Bass Pro Shop.  Thanks, sweetie!

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