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Thursday, April 7, 2016

"Life Off the Road" in Tijeras, New Mexico

Those few days "off the road" were just what Eric and I needed.  Eric and I did some chores, some cleaning, some laundry.... but mostly, we played in the water.  Ah.... water, a resource we so carefully dispensed and used for two and a half months in western Arizona is abundantly available....  Let the water run....  Rinse dishes once, twice....  take that long shower...  Ah......

Eric bought this "Torch
Cactus" last week,
in Phoenix.

Its small buds grew and grew and started to "swell."

It bloomed this morning.

The flowers are beautiful.... They have a very delicate scent.

Eric and I admire the cactus and its crown of blossoms.
  Spring has come to our motorhome.

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