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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Southeast! To Lytle Creek, California

Today's drive is 2 hours long.   Eric drives and I take pictures.

We return to California

Today's route takes us north for a bit before turning east and eventually south.  

We take the exit to California 

... pass a group of motorcyclists
on the side of the road.

Within 5 minutes the riders
are passing us.

Littlerock's Water Tower

My first sighting of 
Joshua Trees.

Charlie Brown Farms

Joshua Trees can grow to 
40 feet in height.

We see different rock
 formations as we
 travel southeast.

Our route continues on 
for a few miles.

This is a major North/South
Route in California.

We take the ramp to

Eric takes the Sierra
 Avenue Exit.

The rest of today's
 drive is on minor

The relentless west wind 
ruffles the Palm Trees' 

Today's route takes us
 through the San Bernadino
Lytle Creek through the
San Bernadino Mountains.

There are very few places to
pull over on this road.

Eric & I return to Mountain 

We are fortunate to set up
camp in one of the few
 untreed campsites.

We have 30 amp electric service with water and sewer hookups.  

The power has just been turned back on.  PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric Company) shuts off the electricity when the Santa Ana Winds are blowing hard.   High winds can cause the wires on the electrical towers to sway.  The moving wires can touch each other and sometimes create sparks which can start fires in drought-stricken California.   

The 2018 Camp Fire was started by sparking electrical wires.  153,335 acres burned, over 18,000 structures burned, and 85 people died.  It was just one of the 8,527 fires that occurred in 2018.  Total acres burned that year - 1,893,913 acres.  

This is the first time Eric and I have been in California when the winds are blowing hard.  Our electric setup allows the motorhome to use energy collected by the Solar Panels on our roof when the power is off.  Eric and I will keep up on Red Flag Wind Alerts in our area and watch our electric panel during this stay. 

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