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Thursday, January 9, 2014

You can buy anything you can think of in Quartzsite, Arizona

As we drive into town,
 we pass Q Mountain.

Quartzsite is the place to be in January and February for minerals, gems, RVs or RV parts.  But wait, there's more....

Get your tools here!

This food vendor has a lot
 of choices for customers.

There are lots of 
clothing vendors.

Pick up a concealed
carry gun permit.

Buy non perishable
groceries at great

The thread count of the
sheets is 1,500.

Sunglasses too

Shop for all things pets
at The Pet Patio.

Get your socks here!
There's LOTS of 
socks here!

This food vendor is 
EASY to find.

There are lots of Bead
vendors here.

Apparently, jewelry makers
come here for supplies.

1 comment:

Bonlee said...

Bummer I missed reading THIS post in a timely fashion! Notfor you, because I have a shopping list for Quartzsite I've been working on for years! LOL. It was on my bucket list to visit during the Gem Show season.1500 count sheets!!! Oh my- heavenly-I did read somewhere that over the 750 count there isn't much difference?