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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

London Bridge in Lake Havasu, Arizona

There have been bridges in London, England since the Romans conquered the area in 43 AD, probably of wood.  The "London Bridge" of lore was built in the Middle Ages, of wood.  Subsequent bridges were also made out of wood until a stone bridge was completed in 1209 AD.  This bridge had gatehouses, a draw bridge and houses built along the bridge that were rented out to financially support upkeep of the bridge. It stood for 600 years, undergoing disrepair, widening and partial rebuilds until it was replaced by a bridge designed by John Rennie in 1831.

This bridge is made
of granite,

began to sink, & by the 1960s,
replacement was  necessary.

The stones were numbered
when the bridge was

The bridge was sold to
 Robert P. McCulloch,entrepreneur
 & founder of Lake Havasu City
 for $2,460,000.00.

Shipped from England to
Arizona & reconstructed in 1971,
London Bridge is the focal
point of Lake Havasu City.

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