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Monday, November 26, 2018

Getting "The Lay of the Land" in San Diego, California

Driving into San Diego,
Eric & I see skyscrapers
& low profile buildings.

After a short walk, we
get on an Old Time
Trolley Tour Bus.

Eric and I toured Savannah on an Old Time Trolley and learned a lot about that city.

Sitting at the rear of the bus
allows for more photo

Shooting into the sun adds
"sunspots" that decorate
Center with streaks of 
pastel light.

The Convention Center is 2 million square feet, and yet it's not large enough to host July's Comic-Con International.  This event spills out into vacant businesses.  This section of the City is swarmed by adults and children dressed as their favorite Comic Book Characters.  Pirates, Steam Punk, Super Heroes, Star Trek characters and so many more flock to Comic-Con.

serves family-style Italian

A peek at PetCo Arena, home of
the San Diego Padres from under
the approach to the San Diego 
Coronado Bridge.

San Diego is proud of
its artists' murals.

Chicano Park in
Barrio Logan

A shot of San Diego from
the Bridge.

The San Diego Coronado Bridge 
saves drivers a 25-mile drive up
the peninsula into Coronado.

Parking near the sand dunes
at Coronado Beach

This beautiful peninsula was a popular hunting ground for Native Americans, the Spanish and later, Americans.  Freshwater was piped to the treeless peninsula and farming was introduced.  Following a series of sales,  Elisha Babcock, Jr. and Hampton Story sold lots on Coronado on a large scale.  Wood and all construction materials needed to be shipped in, making housing expensive.  

Some property owners bought
homes in the San Deigo area &
had them moved here.

I love the classical pillars on

Also, I LOVE corner entries.

The Trolley leaves Coronado for....

Downtown &....

... Balboa Park

One of the Pacific Relations
International Cottages, built in
1935 to promote multicultural
goodwill through education
& cultural programs.

A painting of the Virgin Mary
on a house in Little Italy

Black & White Murals on

This huge anchor sits in

Headquarters is now home
to shops & restaurants.

Boats are moored within
sight of the Convention

Seaport Village

Let's get off the Trolley here and do some exploring.

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