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Sunday, November 19, 2023

New Carpet From Big Bob's Flooring Outlet; Carpet Installation & 2 Tiles Replaced By Yuma Home Solutions, Yuma, AZ

This Blog Post starts with a BIG Thank You to Foothills RV (formally CJ's RV Repair Specialists), Eric's go-to RV Repair Business in Yuma.  I wanted to replace the carpet in our 2004 Winnebago Vectra Motorhome and have two damaged tiles in the kitchen replaced, so I asked about recommendations for RV Flooring Companies in the area.  They suggested Yuma Home Solutions for this type of job.

Carlos arrived to look at our flooring needs. He measured the areas to be carpeted, looked at the damaged tiles, and gave me an estimate.  He told me to go to Big Bob's Flooring Outlet to select the carpet.  The two businesses work together on flooring projects.

Wayne helped me select
 the new carpet for

Big Bob's Flooring Outlet will have the needed carpet set aside for Yuma Home Solutions Installers to pick up and bring with them to our motorhome at Foothill Village RV Resort

The job will take two days.

Here's the new carpet.

The original carpet was 
19 years old. 

Here's the stained carpet 
in the Entry Way.

All of it will be removed.

Last pics of the old

Jose & Alfonso pull up the
old carpet & toss it out of
the motorhome.

The Driver & Passenger
seats have been removed,
& the old carpet is gone.

The plywood floor in the
Living Room/Dining Room.

The Bedroom carpet has
been removed too.

Our bed is propped up to
allow easy access to the
carpet-covered panels in 
front of the closet.

Sealant was sprayed on the
plywood beneath areas
 where the old carpet was
 badly stained.

Jose & Alfonso bring the 
new carpet into the 
Living Room/Dining Room.

Jose is ready to carefully 
cut it to fit the area.

The carpet is precisely
fitted into the space.

The Passenger & Drivers
Chairs have been 

The Entry is looking 

Jose & Alfonso clean up
as the work progresses.

Juan cuts the replacement
tiles for my kitchen as
Carlos watches.

Welcome to my updated

Carpet in the Driving Area
has been custom-installed.

(Jose told me that each RV
he works on is different.)

The Living Room

The Dining Room

 The new carpet covers the
 compartment lids in front
of the bedroom closet.


Another shot of the 

Juan used the extra tiles that
came with the motorhome to
replace broken ones in the

My next project is selecting a Grout Stain and applying it to cover the new white grout.

Thank you, Wayne, of Big Bob's Flooring Outlet for helping me choose the carpet for this project.

Thank you, Carlos, Jose, Alfonso, and Juan of Yuma Home Solutions for updating and repairing my flooring.  Eric and I will enjoy the carpeting for years to come, and my kitchen floor looks great!

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Gregory, Bruce, and Rebecca said...

Wow, they really did do a great job! Thank you for leaving this review. Definitely will help us out once we upgrade from our peel n stick!

Thank you again for Greg’s toys!